How We Started

The Baby Olive seed was planted when a revelation was made to me by the Lord about a beautiful olive tree, growing strong and weighed down by the fruit it carried.

The tree produced the most special white blossoms as well and so, the concept of baby products unique to South Africa started to grow.

When I saw the product offering from Ryan & Rose, I knew that I had something special to offer to clients in collaboration with what we make in-house and the rest as they say, is history.

about us

From dreams to disruption,

Baby Olive is a bespoke line of baby products tailored
to the needs of moms and babies from all over South Africa.

At first, Baby Olive was nothing more than hopes & dreams.

We stumbled across an opportunity to source truly unique products
as well as to produce a line of products of our own.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that what we wanted was to bless moms and babies of South Africa with what we are passionate about and that it is to bring serenity to all who help make our dreams come true, through unique baby finery.



Dress-up or don’t, but do
what makes you feel happy..



    best selling

    Bespoke line of baby attire
    tailored to the unique taste
    of moms and babies of
    South Africa.


    Incredible line of baby products
    from Ryan & Rose for those looking
    for something other than clothes.


    For those looking for gifts to either
    give or receive that will bless a
    mother and child with love,
    kindness, calmness and joy.

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